Talent Agency Software

Mainboard provides the best Talent Agency Software Solution. Our system has been evolved over the past 20+ years to handle the unique needs of each talent agency. Mainboard’s Talent Agency Management Software provides you with a complete solution to manage your talent, clients and finances of your agency through Gross Profit.

Our Talent Agency Software provides safe and secure cloud-based storage for all your data, so you can book talent and manage your business from any device with an internet connection.

Whether a large agency, managing vast amounts of talent, a small agency with a few stars, or even a Kids Agency, Mainboard can increase your operating efficiencies, so you can market, schedule, track and book more business in the most reliable, user-friendly system on the market.

Mainboard’s Talent Agency Booking Software, Portfoliopad, allows you to store all your talent details, images and videos while providing you the ability to create your own searchable “Skills” so you can organize and search your talent any way you desire.

Mainboard provides the best customer support of any Talent Agency Software System. The talent management market is constantly evolving. Portfoliopad has the flexibility to allow you to meet the needs of your ever-changing market. When any changes occur in your market, you can reach out directly to our support staff through phone, e-mail and/or chat. Our Support Staff will work with you to determine the most efficient means of addressing your new needs. Should market changes require additional functionality, Mainboard maintains a full-time staff of developers that can prioritize new market requirements and quickly expand the scope of our Talent Management Software to efficiently address these new needs.

Mainboard’s talent agency software pricing is highly competitive with different packages to suit the needs of any agency size.

Contact us for a Demo of our Talent Agency Management Software solution, Portfoliopad.

Talent Agency Software