Portfoliopad is the fastest, most complete Talent Management Software system available to the global market.

Flexible and user friendly, Portfoliopad will provide you with a single, cloud-based system that places all your talent, contacts, appointments and finances at your fingertips anytime/anywhere you need it.

Portfoliopad can service the needs of the largest international agencies and small, regional scouting agencies with equal elegance, because Mainboard has evolved our systems to meet the specified needs of each of our clients over the past 20+ years.

If you have never used Talent Management Software before, Portfoliopad will change your life. It will provide you with greater support and organization than any personal assistant, at a fraction of the cost! All your contacts, all your talent, all your appointments and all your finances in one, easy to use, easily accessible place.

If you have experience with another Talent Management Software system, you will see that Portfoliopad is more efficient, has more features, provides more creative options and has the most accurate accounting system on the market.

Our team understands the unique elements to each market and can rapidly assist you with any questions on how to book, schedule, and/or account for all your activities in each unique market.

As the industry continues to evolve, from changes in payment guidelines, to shifts in content creation requirements, Mainboard continues to advance Portfoliopad to handle each and every new requirement.

When you sign up for Portfoliopad you our support team will reach out to you to set up your Portfoliopad Account, Schedule Training, and provide you with your own Portfoliopad Login. We can also help import your talent and contact details from many other systems.

You can be up and running in minutes!!!

A Portfoliopad Agency has the ability to book appointments, respond to client requests, and communicate with their talent anywhere they have an internet connection.

Our systems optimize to whatever device you are using, so whether in front of a desktop or on your phone, you can access all your key data and functions anytime/anywhere.