Acting & Actor Agency Software

Our Acting Agency Software, Portfoliopad, is accurate, effective and simple to use.

Acting Agents have unique challenges. Whether your business is focused on commercial spots, movie or theater roles, Portfoliopad is the best actor management software available.

Mainboard’s Acting Agency Software will allow you to:

  • Store all talent details including, but not limited to;
    • Contact Details
    • Private Notes
    • Specialized Skills and Measurements
    • Work History
    • Still Images
    • Videos/Reels
  • Store all Contact Details, including Customer Invoice Data
  • Market your Talent directly to Casting Agents and Clients through Packages
  • Plan all your Actors’ Appointments, Castings and Jobs
  • Manage Client and Talent communications with regard to your Actors’ Appointments, Castings and Jobs
  • Have your Talent Check-in at Appointments with Geo-Tags and automatically update the Appointments in our Acting Agency Software.
  • Easily Invoice and Track your Residuals.
  • Add as many Splits to any Job you desire.
  • Accurately account for the wide variety of talent payment requirements for each of your specific markets.

Mainboard’s Actor Management Software is designed to service the needs of Acting Agency. Mainboard understands the unique needs of all types of Acting Agencies.

For example, Portfoliopad provides the ideal Kid Actor Agency Software, understanding the need to maintain:

  • Medical Contact Details
  • Multiple Parent Contact Details
  • Automated updates of Kids’ Ages in Years and Months
  • Up-to-date Measurements

Contact us now for a Demo of the Best Acting Agency Software, Portfoliopad.

Acting Actor Agency Software