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Simplify & co-ordinate all your
business activities with our
comprehensive people
management and
communication tool


Share your image portfolios
with the world using this
intuitive, customizable and
popular platform



Use technology built for the
casting process so you can
multi-task efficiently.

Create, submit, track and respond to multiple casting briefs.

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MainBoard takes care of all aspects of
designing a visually beautiful website
from start to finish.

We design, build, integrate and host.

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MAINBOARD, the #1 global supplier of software and services to the model, fashion, advertising and media industries.

With more than 20 years of constant innovation, MAINBOARD has evolved from model agency booking and imaging software, to provide various technology solutions to many other businesses and professionals across a variety of media related industries.

Mainboard Products


Agencypad is the complete solution to run your agency successfully. It is a booking, database management and reporting system all in one.


The premier online application for creating and managing all digital portfolio packages, presentations and media marketing.


Castingpad is the ideal online application for casting professionals, producers and production coordinators – allowing you to create and manage all aspects of casting.

Web Design

Our dedicated web development team has seen us produce some of the best websites for many of the top agencies globally.

iPad & iPhone Apps for Models and Talent

No need to carry around a physical printed portfolio, use an iPad & iPhone App to showcase your work.

iPad Apps for Agents

Models who use the app can present the best portfolio for any casting- all they need to do is click "Update".

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