MainBoard takes care of all aspects of designing a visually beautiful website from start to finish.

We design, build, integrate and host.

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MainBoard takes care of all aspects of
designing a visually beautiful website
from start to finish.

We design, build, integrate and host.

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Mainboard has been designing software solutions for the fashion industry since the 1990s – when the Internet really started becoming mainstream.

We extended our expertise in order to integrate our management systems with websites, to enable our clients to synchronise the two to save time and effort.

The extensive expertise of our dedicated web development team has seen us produce some of the best websites for many of the top agencies around the world, including several new clients who don’t use our management system.

When a client requires something unique in appearance and functionality we can custom build that special platform specifically for them.

Website Design Features

Mainboard manages every aspect of the website development process from start to finish and will guide you along every step of the way, while always using the most advanced and up-to-date technologies available.

Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimization

At Mainboard we use the best and latest coding techniques available to build our websites. This ensures that they rank as highly as possible in search results. Google Analytics is built in to provide you with useful user statistics, so you’ll know exactly where your visitors are coming from and how they are engaging with your content.

Our websites are also SEO-friendly, ensuring that your content is easily found on the web. We make sure that your site is properly indexed and optimized so that it comes out top.

Social Media Integration

We will fully integrate all your social media into your website so that your visitors can access your Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Google+ and any other social media accounts you have straight from your homepage.

Compatibility with All Browsers and Devices

Our websites are rigorously tested by our technical experts to ensure that they are 100% compatible with all platforms and devices. Your website will look beautiful on any browser, tablet or mobile device. With mobile web-browsing becoming more and more mainstream, don’t miss out on this opportunity to have a mobi-friendly website!

We Protect Your Data

We take the protection of your data very seriously and hold ourselves fully responsible for keeping your content safe. Your website will be hosted on our secure servers that are among the best in the world. Content is backed-up daily, and you will never have to worry about lost content, viruses, hackers or down-time. You can rest assured that your content is safe with us.

Need a blog?

We also create fully customized blogs to complement your new website, and design them to suit the look-and-feel of your existing site, agency or brand.

Whatever your needs, we’ll be on time, on budget and at your service!









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