Share your image portfolios with the world using this intuitive, customizable and popular platform.

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Share your image portfolios
with the world using this
intuitive, customizable and
popular platform

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The premier online application for creating and managing all digital portfolio packages, presentations and media marketing

Portfoliopad is a high-tech video and image delivery system – designed to help you market models, talent, artists, reps and locations. With this powerful web-based software you can create, track, manage and share professional digital portfolios and presentations.

Portfoliopad Features

Portfoliopad is the perfect tool for managing portfolios of photos and artwork. It is simple to create image and video libraries and to upload multiple, high-res images at once and in any format. Portfoliopad will automatically resize, convert and encode all media into the most user-friendly format (mp4 for video and JPG for images).

Simple and Intuitive

Manage and customize portfolios using a simple drag and drop function. Add résumés, polaroids, PDFs and additional images and videos with ease.

Submit packages to clients and prospects by following the most intuitive, user-friendly step-by-step process. Portfoliopad makes creating and presenting portfolios an absolute pleasure!

A Powerful, Categorized Search Function

Portfoliopad uses a specialized categorization system to help you efficiently manage all contacts, media and portfolios. Keyword images and video by name, agency, location etc. to create searchable databases that are easy to find. Portfoliopad’s powerful search function will help you keep all your data neatly organised.

Customize Portfoliopad to Suit Your Business Needs

Portfoliopad is a fully customizable application that is professionally integrated with your specific branding and can be custom branded to harmonize with your corporate identity.

Keep Track of Your Packages

Package tracking allows you to keep tabs on what portfolios and presentations have been sent and when they were opened. Keep track of individual users and view detailed activity reports for each user.

Transfer Portfolios to Other Agencies

Seamlessly share digital portfolio packages with Portfoliopad’s Agency Transfer feature. Portfoliopad is also intimately linked with Castingpad – allowing you to view and respond to castings by submitting portfolios.

Syncs with your Mainboard Website

If you have a Mainboard-powered website, Portfoliopad is the perfect tool for managing and updating your website. Upload fresh video, imagery or specifications from any Internet-capable device to portfoliopad and it can automatically update your website.

Live Support Whenever You Need it

Mainboard has its own dedicated, in-house support and development team who are constantly hard at work maintaining, improving and optimizing our products. They also offer the best support you’ll find and have years of training and experience.

So if ever you’re stuck and in need of help, just give them a call – anytime, anywhere.

SMS and Email

You can keep track of who you have contacted about the jobs in your system through email and SMS.

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